} Profiling


Resolution of conflict requires careful and deliberate evaluation and assessment of the root causes of the problem before any resolution process can begin. The use of validated profiling tests to understand behaviour types is essential in

Profiling combined with one on one feedback give the facilitator and individuals involved valuable insights that raise awareness of the issues and the cause of the conflict.

Establishing and benchmarking the following fundamentals.

  • What an individual’s ‘default style’ is under pressure
  • What is their personal level of integrity
  • How they manage themselves, their work and their relationships
  • How forward thinking and visionary they are
  • How honest they are about themselves
  • How hard they work to make an impression, whether good or bad

Scores on these values raise personal awareness for individuals to take action.

  • Truthfulness
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Loyalty
  • Self-Awareness

Sample Integrity and Values Profile

‘Conflict thrives where we don’t correct our mistakes fast enough or take personal responsibility’

Using Individual Profiling Combined To Assess team dynamics:

Where the whole team has been assessed we can then look at the quality and depth of the conversations that are being avoided and the consequent cost to the business. The power of a team Integrity Profile allows the leaders to be honest about their short comings within a supportive framework and to take appropriate actions to correct.

Sample Integrity and Values Profile

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