} Exit Strategy for Farmers

Exit Strategy for Farmers


 Don’t leave it to chance or good luck to get your affairs in order …

  Dad and Mum need to retire and want to secure their future and safely hand over the farm… but HOW!




Mum’s had enough of farming and just wants to get out and she wants everyone to be happy. She knows they need help but who do they turn to?


The son will inherit the family farm one day BUT his wife could leave him, force a sale of the farm and cash in. … Is there anything we can do now to prevent us from possibly losing the farm if he makes a bad choice.



Your daughter loves the farm and farming lifestyle but you fear her husband would run the farm into the ground and then you all would surely lose everything.

Dad and Mum need help to develop an exit strategy that protects the farm from gold-digging in-laws and sibling squabbles. How do we even begin to start to tackle this one. 


Exit Strategist & Growth Consultant For Family Owned Businesses    

 Jeff Muir 

Passionate, Down To Earth And A Straight Talker

These are the words most commonly used to describe Jeff Muir. He grew up on the land in Manjimup, South Western WA and finished his formal education at Muresk Ag College in Northam WA.

He worked with his father on his family farm till he was 36. Since then he has consulted to businesses large and small all over Australia and now specialises in developing leaders in business. Now in his early 60’s he has many years of experience in working with family owned business owners and he is well equipped to tackle the challenges of succession planning and exit strategies.

So, What’s Your Next Step?

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