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Executive Conflict




Executive Conflict Is The Best Way To Destroy Bottom Line Profits and Work Life Balance For Everyone


Tough and very sensitive are the words that often describe dealing with conflict in an executive team. Remembering also that conflict can also be the “Cold War” or silence, denial and avoidance.

The high risk of business success or failure, losing or retaining very expensive and good people along with the personal health and well being issues can influence the outcome of any conflict resolution.

Your choice of a facilitator and the way in which the conflict is handled and resolved can have a huge impact on your bottom line and the ongoing confidence of all members of staff. 

Jeff Muir has a wealth of experience in developing leaders in business for over 21 years and his most important message to you is that your conflict is manageable and solvable. There are always more solutions than you think there are.

You Always Have More Power
Than You Think You Have

Your interests are well served by Jeff Muir’s experience and wealth of knowledge in a wide range of industries including, manufacturing, food services, retail, large hospitals, agriculture and finance.

He comes with an acute awareness of the functions of sales, marketing, production and finance to resolve your conflict. The ongoing support and training required to produce long term solutions beyond the immediate problem is also his specialty.

With a down to earth no nonsense approach, he is strong, personable and very clear. Most importantly he is very effective and efficient at facilitating successful solutions.

Please call Jeff Now and he will be happy to help you out with a complimentary chat about your situation. Tel: 1300 555 635 or M: 0411 122 600

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