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Confidentiality Is The Most Important Tool For Resolution of Conflict


Maintaining confidentiality with all client information is the most important aspect of our work. We will ensure that all personal details of your situation are protected at all times. Where you or your company is paying for the service there will be a clearly defined agreement about which information can and cannot be disclosed before we begin.

Information gathered prior to the work commencing or an agreement being made will also be treated confidentially. Disclosure of details of the conflict or personal issues related to the issues and only made with the permission of the confidant.

About Trust and Confidential Conversations

Building trust takes time and for some people it takes a long time to open up and discuss personal issues related to a conflict in the workplace. We understand that trust is built over time and is usually a factor of the frequency of the number of times we meet and the opportunity for that trust to be tested.

Open and frank conversations about trust and confidential information are conducted in a private and one on one setting before being open up to a group or a team.

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