} About Jeff Muir

About Jeff Muir

Passionate, Down To Earth & Straight Talking

If you are looking for a practical and down to earth communicator who calls a spade a spade to resolve issues and conflict between individuals and groups of any type then Jeff Muir is a good choice.

With over 21 years experience developing executive leaders in business he has produced simple communication tools and lessons that back up his excellent facilitation skills to produce immediate results.

Many of his clients are still using and referring to his leadership lessons up to 20 years later because they are simple, memorable and practical. Jeff is very animated and passionate about delivering immediate actionable results. He is a breath of fresh air to any conference, workplace or conflict resolution because he is emotionally strong and compassionate and at the same time crystal clear in his communication to resolve the toughest of communication situations.

Extraordinary Results Come From Being Extraordinary In Your Expectations

You will be challenged, educated and at times entertained as Jeff Muir focuses on “stuff that works” and he will not tolerate on going mediocrity, abuse or blaming. He will masterfully spot issues and people who are blocking and stalling progress and then offer a pathway to move forward.
When choosing Jeff Muir for your organisation be prepared for success. He is a rare combination of a man who deeply cares, can laugh at his own misfortune and has the emotional courage and skills to tackling tough business relationship and conflict issues to resolve them.

So if you are looking for a confident and grounded man to inspire, lead and develop you and your people then Jeff Muir is certainly worth talking to. He says that true inspiration and joy comes from being engaged in your life as a whole. His most treasured experience comes when a client walks into his training room after two or three sessions and says… My partner said to tell you they don’t know what you are “Doing” to me but keep doing it they like it.

A Personal Mission Statement
To Develop Passionate And Connected Leaders By Being A Courageous Teacher

He is at his best facilitating the leadership issues in family and privately own businesses and always happy to discuss with you on a no obligation and confidential basis.

Please call Jeff Now and he will be happy to help you out with a complimentary chat about your situation. Tel: 1300 555 635 or M: 0411 122 600

So, What’s Your Next Step?

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